The Yoga Sutras state that the purpose of asana (physical practice) is to realize a neutrality of the senses so that consciousness is no longer troubled by the presence of the body. That is, in order to achieve clarity of mind, we must also work through the discomforts of the physical body. At MENTARI Fit & Flow, we take a modern approach to this age-old wisdom, with a purpose-driven approach towards connecting with your authentic self. We take physical practice beyond yoga by incorporating strength and high intensity interval training (HIIT) to further your knowledge about your own health and movement patterns. On our retreats, learn how to properly execute fitness exercises and yoga postures, discover how different breathing techniques optimize various daily activities, build awareness of your habits and patterns, and understand what nutrition choices work best for you. Most importantly, you'll tap into both your inner and outer strength. We balance intensity with softness so that you can find your own equilibrium between yin and yang. There is no minimum fitness level required. We take from where you are and build you from there. 

Jasmine + Julie


MENTARI Fit and Flow is the creation of a dynamic twin duo who have been living, training and experimenting with life changes centered around health, fitness and wellbeing. Julie started a yoga coop in Luang Prabang, Laos in 2012 under the name Luang Prabang Yoga, and has been running yoga retreats and courses through Laos Yoga Retreats, which promotes a holistic approach to yoga that is accessible to everyone. Jasmine is a UK based fitness instructor and personal trainer who can be found in some of London’s top gyms and studios.  She specialises in calisthenics and, for the last six years, has trained and coached under the tutelage of well renowned and respected calisthenics “Bar Coach”, Arleigh Corbin, who is credited for bringing calisthenics to the UK.  Jasmine is also a competitive powerlifter and a member of Great Britain’s powerlifting team. LEARN MORE ABOUT US >>>



Wednesday May 13 to

Sunday May 17, 2020




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Vinyasa Yoga
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HIIT Training
HIIT Training
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