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Jasmine and Julie
Fitness and Yoga Instructors; Community Builders

MENTARI Fit and Flow is the creation of a dynamic twin duo who have been living, training and experimenting with life changes centered around health, fitness and wellbeing. Julie started a yoga coop in Luang Prabang, Laos in 2012 under the name Luang Prabang Yoga, and has been running yoga retreats and courses through Laos Yoga Retreats, which promotes a holistic approach to yoga that is accessible to everyone. Jasmine is a UK based fitness instructor and personal trainer who can be found in some of London’s top gyms and studios.  She specialises in calisthenics and, for the last six years, has trained and coached under the tutelage of well renowned and respected calisthenics “Bar Coach”, Arleigh Corbin, who is credited for bringing calisthenics to the UK.  Jasmine is also a competitive powerlifter and a member of Great Britain’s powerlifting team. 

Together, we’ve exchanged knowledge of yoga, fitness and nutrition and believe that the combination of strength, flexibility, mindfulness and positivity is the true definition of health and fitness.  Whether you’re a yogi with a desire to build up your endurance safely or a lifter whose years of training has left you a little tighter, we’ve created a programme that will teach you how to develop a well rounded lifestyle around training, yoga and mindfulness and kickstart your journey to a more sustainable healthy and fit life.

We will push you, nurture you, keep you safe and love you fiercely through the whole process.  Join us on this adventure. 

Jasmine Lake

I started my fitness journey over 15 years ago in university when I landed my first part time job at my university fitness center reception desk. Being there 20 hours a week I felt it would have been a waste to not make use of the facilities, as I was always there. I started out, like most people, just hopping on the cardio machines until one day a friend took me around to show me how to weight train. I saw my strength increase really quickly and it sparked my love affair for strength training. I soon transitioned from the front desk,to getting my fitness instructor certification and working on the gym floor helping others discover their strength. 

Ever since then, I've always been motivated more by strength than by aesthetics. Over the years, I continued to train and discovered various forms of strength training along the way, from pole dancing, to calisthenics, to powerlifting. Again in all these disciplines, attracted to the strength aspects of the training. 

After many years of training squats and deadlifts on my own I decided to change my lifting environment and signed up at a powerlifting club in order to get more guidance. I never thought I would compete, but was inspired by all the strong women of all ages. A year and a half after my first competition I landed a position

Julie Moksim

In 2003, while getting my masters degree in the United States, I joined a friend at the Baptiste Power Yoga Studio in Cambridge for the first time, completely unaware that it would change my life forever. It was love at first practice. There was something about the sweat pouring off my body, the challenge, the inspiring things that the teacher would say as she guided us through the 90-minute practice, and off course, the savasana! When I completed my graduate degree, I found myself unemployed for the greater part of the year. The studio offered a work exchange program, so I spent countless hours cleaning the studio and running errands in exchange for classes.  

When I finally did get a job, I continued my practice and my involvement with my studio community, getting deeper into the philosophy of the practice and feeling more and more, the benefits of the whole practice on my day to day life. The ups and downs of corporate life were equally met with a greater appreciation for what yoga brought to me each day. After nine years of regular practice, I became a teacher's assistant at Prana Power Yoga, a shift that would eventually fuel my desire to teach. 


on Great Britain's bench press team. Lifting heavy takes a toll on the body and i realized that as my muscles tightened and shortened from all the lifting, the only way to be injury free is to combine my lifting program with yoga and pilates in order to stretch out the muscles and lengthen them again. I've realized that in order to continue the sports I love, I need to spend as much time stretching as I do lifting. MENTARI Fit & Flow was born out of a desire to share this lifestyle with the world. Move through life with grace by cultivating a perfect balance between strength and flexibility.

In 2011, I left the United States to travel around Southeast Asia, and completed my 200-hour teacher training in Bali. Since then, I moved to Laos, started the Luang Prabang Yoga Co-op and began running retreats under Laos Yoga Retreats. I also co-owned a yoga studio in Yangon, Myanmar. 


Traveling between Laos and Myanmar constantly proved to be challenging to maintaining a healthy routine and I found myself lethargic, exhausted, and heavier than I'd ever been in my life. In 2017, I asked my sister Jasmine for help in building a healthy diet that would suit my lifestyle, and started incorporating HIIT and strength training into my weekly routine. I have found that the combination of cardio, strength training and yoga is immensely beneficial to building healthier bodies and minds. I'm stronger and fitter than I've ever been. I'm kinder, more content, and have more to give to others because I have more energy. MENTARI Fit & Flow was born out of a desire to share this lifestyle with the world. Move through life with grace by cultivating a perfect balance between power and serenity.

Other fun facts about us

We were born in Singapore, and consider it "home." However, we grew up in Indonesia, Egypt, and India. Jasmine has also lived in Australia, Canada, Korea, and Philippines, and currently lives in the United Kingdom. Julie lived in the United States for 13 years, traveled the world for a year, and now splits her time between Laos and Myanmar. 

Media Features

Julie has had over seven years of experience as founder of the Luang Prabang Yoga Coop, co-owner and partner of Yangon Yoga House (September 2016 to December 2018) and founder and lead instructor of Laos Yoga Retreats. Luang Prabang Yoga and Laos Yoga Retreats have been featured in the following magazines and journals over the years. 

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